How to make payment using Credit/Debit Card via Paypal payment gateway

Holbihost provides option to make payments for hosting services using Credit/Debit Card via Paypal Payment Gateway but without Paypal login required.

(1) Login your hosting account at

You can find unpaid invoices in a) “Unpaid Invoices”, b) “Invoices”, c) Billing Top Menu.

(2) Select Unpaid invoice.

(3) On the Invoice page make sure that Payment Method is “PayPal with Card Payment” and click on “Paypal Check Out” button above.

(4) On the Paypal payment page do not login Paypal account, but choose “Pay with debit or credit Card” (in some cases it may look like “Pay as Guest”).

(5) You will be redirected to Paypal Card Payment page.

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