Holbihost Plans Upgrade – SSD Storage Increased Twice

SSD Storage Increased Twice

As part of global upgrade of Holbihost Managed Cloud Platform all Cloud VPS Plans will receive SSD Storage increase in TWO TIMES for your existing and new Virtual Machines. We know that SSD Storage size is very important for our customers who host big volume data for Ecommerce projects. That is why we are increasing SSD Storage across our Plans to give you more space to grow. Checkout full range of Cloud VPS Plans on our Plans and Pricing Page.

SSD Storage Upgrade for most popular plans:

Plan Before Upgrade
After Upgrade
vm2 12GB SSD 25GB SSD
vm4 25GB SSD 50GB SSD
vm8 50GB SSD 100GB SSD

In addition we have moved our high performance Cloud VPS Plans vm48 and vm64 to NVMe disks. NVMe disks allow to get up to 6x better performance compared to classic SSD disks, and will be useful for high loaded sites with big number of concurrent HTTP requests and big number of concurrent database queries.

We are working hard at making continuous improvements to our Cloud Platform in order to provide the best Managed Hosting Services for our customers. Keep an eye on our announcements  for future our hosting updates.


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